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Sidewalk Concrete Replacement

Sidewalk Concrete Replacement

Concrete Sidewalk Slabs that are damaged beyond Repair? Get the most out of Sidewalk Repair NYC’s exclusively designed Sidewalk Concrete Replacement Service.

Sidewalks remain an essential component of any residential or commercial construction. For which these sidewalks need proper care and maintenance; to both serve their purpose as well as beautify the environment. Whatever the case is, a thoroughly cleaned and smoothly built sidewalk is the only way you can avoid getting a Sidewalk Violation notice. 

When do you need Sidewalk Concrete replacement?

Usually, a freshly built concrete sidewalk driveway can withhold its durability for up to 20 years. Yet large-scale damage can build up even before reaching these milestones due to harsh weather conditions, crowded ground movement or even prolonged rainfall periods. Sometimes, a regular Concrete Sidewalk Repair can do the job for you but not all the time.

How Sidewalk Repair NYC can help?

Sidewalk Repair NYC reserves the honor of employing the Best New York City Sidewalk Repair Professionals when it comes to our clients’ sidewalk repairing needs. While Sidewalk Concrete Replacement isn’t an easy and instant repairing job, our team of adept builders can guarantee quick completion of the task for you. The primary steps consist of;

1.    Getting a permit and Setting up a safety barrier for the construction work

Sidewalk Repair NYC gravely takes into consideration the safety of its workers and the public. Therefore, first of all, our company contacts the relevant authorities in your area to obtain a work permit for construction. When received, the second step is of setting up the safety barriers in order to secure the working area. 

2.    Removal of the Damaged Concrete slab(s)

After the working area is set, it’s time for the removal of old/broken slabs. Using the right equipment and advanced construction tools, we ensure safe, quick and efficient removal of the old concrete slabs.

3.    Preparation for Re-filling

In the third step, the surface is prepared for concrete re-filling. That includes clearing out the debris; making the edges of the sidewalk and fabricating the concrete mixture. Sidewalk Repair NYC utilizes the best-quality construction material in the world and that’s the only reason our repairing work remains widely trusted in the area!

4.    Application of the building materials and Drying.

In the last step, the concrete mixture gets poured into the required sidewalk segment(s) while also repairing the surface continuously. After everything is finalized, the new concrete sidewalk remains in the drying phase for at least 24-48 hours. 

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So, if you are looking forward to having your Sidewalk Concrete Replaced, The Sidewalk Repair NYC is available for the provisions of reliable and trustworthy services. Get your appointment today and schedule the repairing day in advance!

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